Corp Raid

Corpraid - a unique, realistic and addictive 3D first person shooter. The game can already boast its first map - South Palmyra. The designers worked to create the most realistic buildings and shops of the city, where you can kill the enemy as the bare hands, and heavy-duty rifle, to compete in a variety of modes of combat, from deathmatch to capture the flag, keep shooting the enemy from the window of the building, or from riding the tram, dress in the best luxury suits, wear bright and expensive accessories. Corpraid not leave any gamer indifferent, and will give you a lot of emotions of battle command, or the ruthless massacre of all the players on the map. You needed a little patience to wait for the release of the game.


Odessa, Ukraine



Partnership period

December 2014 - present

Team size

5 people


Dedicated Development Team, Software Product Development, Marketing, Software QA & Testing, Technical Support


Unity3D, C#, Ruby & Rails 4.2, HTML, CSS, JQuery, MySQL, JSON

Good & Games

is a famous gaming financial group that have been sponsoring unique game ideas since far 2006 world wide.

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Corporation raiding idea


Lebara Talk

Lebara Talk is an HD Quality calling and messaging app targeted to migrant communities and offering low cost international calling rates, with no connection fee and free credit on download.


Lebara Mobile

Lebara Mobile is the first ever low-cost international pre-paid mobile service customized to the needs of international communities, particularly migrant workers.


Lebara Money

Lebara Money is a cross-border mobile money transfer service, easily accessible with a smart phone, that allows to make reliable, peer-to-peer money transfers.

Working with N-iX helped us go to market with new digital products quickly. Essentially, and very importantly, the partnership allows us to service our global migrant customers better wherever they might be.

Chief Technology Officer, Lebara


N-iX has been working with global migrant brand Lebara since December 2014, having built a development centre that consolidates a wide range of expertise – software development, quality assurance, business intelligence development and operations, application support, database administration, infrastructure support – everything is in one place. The scope of cooperation encompasses support of the company’s core functions and innovations and covers a full range of Lebara services and internal operations. N-iX team is responsible for code quality, stability, high performance and maintainability in such products as Bluepipe, Remittance,TopUp, LebaraPlay, BundleManager.

The team managed to significantly reduce time for adding new features to products as well as making changes in existing code. Another area of cooperation as iOS Application development for Lebara Talk, Lebara Hub, Lebara Travel and Android Application development for Lebara Money and Lebara Talk. A certain part of Lebara development team at N-iX deals with back-end development for Lebara Talk and Lebara Community providing integration with ESB and OCS. Besides this, Lebara Dedicated Development Center at N-iX provides Hybris technology expertise including consultancy and front-end development for Hybris project as well as Business Intelligence expertise which covers current enterprise BI solution performance optimization, support and development.

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