One of Europe’s fastest growing mobile companies with five million active customers in nine countries

API-based FinTech company based in London that delivers Cross Border Payments as a Service

Global leader in digital writing solutions, which enables fast transmission of handwriting into a digital format

Boston-based biotech startup determined to change the traditional approach to cancer treatment

WORKING AT Bragin IT Solutions

Working at Bragin IT Solutions means working with innovative technology companies as part of their R&D teams. We are looking for people who can make a real impact on the development of technology solutions, who can solve challenging problems and be an asset to client organizations in the mid- and long-term.



Follow your passion

Follow your passion

At Bragin IT Solutions we want you to find what you’re passionate about and select an impactful project that intersects with that passion. We work with middle- to large-size software vendors and tech startups that develop core technology across a variety of domains, so you will be able to easily find a project that matches your interests and allows you to work with people with a similar focus.

Implement your ideas

Implement your ideas

Working at Bragin IT Solutions, you are expected to not only write code, but to make a real impact on how software is designed and accepted by people. You will work as an integral part of company’s own teams, and will communicate directly with different stakeholders at client organizations that embrace creative ideas and encourage input from their team.

Grow with every opportunity

Grow with every opportunity

We believe that hands-on experience in the team of professionals that share your interest in a certain area is essential for growth. At Bragin IT Solutions you will be working shoulder-to-shoulder with some of industry’s top talent. It is our job to make sure you have abundant opportunities to keep you challenged in the long-term.




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