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Bragin IT Solutions started out in 2010 as a product startup by two Ukrainian programmers with an idea of making quality, any type of software development on th emarket. After couple of years, Bragin IT Solutions became a trustefull outsourcing partner for Mobile Point of Sales Inc and to Good & Games.

Therefore, MPOS became the first company Bragin IT Solutions set up dedicated development center for. The success of this cooperation has inspired dozens of similar partnerships with some of the leading technology companies in Western Europe and North America in the next 13 years.

Our Timeline

30 professionals

2016 is a high jump for all Bragin IT Solutions's working and management stuff. In 2016 Bragin IT Solutions has rapidly grown up from 21 to 30 professionals! The Corp.RAID project is 100% done and our game development team got another gaming project that is aimed on mobile devices - The Horror Run. More than that, Bragin IT Solutions decided to start a development process on her inner social product, which should become a part of our large social and communication world - the Zam Zam messenger, who suppose to help people find each other and keep everyday communication via voice and video callings as well as messaging.

Bragin IT Solutions team has a very strong experience in any level and type of software development. Now that we grown up to 30 professionals, we are able to provide a full cycle of software development to any company that is interested in having a strong business relationships with a trustful company.

21 professionals

After IVA Project got popular and successful on the market, the client has announced his new business plan for a dating social project - "Menemi". Bragin IT Solutions's team had to extend further for four more iOS developers as the planning project supposed to work on most mobile devices in the world.


17 professionals

After the development stage of Mobile Point of Sales product ended up, Bragin IT Solutions has provided a 24/7 technical support for the product as well as 24/7 calling centre for the client base that was growing rapidly in United States by successfully running the marketing plan.

Another awesome news for Bragin IT Solutions became that we got involved into gaming industry and got a contract from Good & Games company to recreate the city centre of Odessa to be as a gaming map and create a shooter that is very similar with Counter Strike and Project Wars. Bragin IT Solutions's team has extended again from 12 to 17 professionals by hiring an Art Designer, two 3D modelers and two Unity3D developers..


12 professionals

Working on MPOS project for over a year has extended our team from 9 to 12 members. A User Interface designer has joined us as well as servers administrator and a web developer

In 2013, Bragin IT Solutions's hosting department (BraginHost) signed a partnership with Geal Host LLC with an agreement to cover more region worldwide and share cloud resources.


9 professionals

No one could believe that in 2011 Bragin IT Solutions will become a trusted outsource partner for Mobile Point of Sales Inc. We proved that Bragin IT Solutions can follow deadlines as agreed and that our team consists of people who are able to find any commercial solutions that the client was looking for.

Thus, our team has extended from 5 to 9 members to handle a large amount of Android development since MPOS is a Point of Sales system that supposed to operate on any Android tablets efficiently.


5 professionals

Bragin IT Solutions has extended its team after signing a contract for IVA Project development. After the project was successfully created, a long term relationships has been created with the client and Bragin IT Solutions does provides technical and customers support for IVA Project even today and extends the project's functionality daily.

Thus, Bragin IT Solutions has created his first customer support department and is now consist of three developers and two customer support representatives.

Many clients have built long terms business relationships with Bragin IT Solutions's team.


2 professionals

Two partners have started Bragin IT Solutions as a freelancing team, which has completed over 56 web, PC and mobile projects on freelancing websites like Rent A Coder, ELance (later Up Work) etc.

After completing many web projects, a decision was made to create a hosting company - BraginHost. Six powerful servers were places around the world to cover the main continents. BraginHost has grown up into a huge company which provides stable and quality services like Virtual Private Servers, Dedicated Servers, Shared Hosting, Domain Names and Cloud Hosting solutions for our clients from over 150 countries.




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