Game Development and Art Production

Bragin IT Solutions Game Development Studio - part of a Ukrainian software development company - specializes in full-cycle game development using Unity and Unreal Engine and art production as-a-service.

Cross-Platform Games

Cross-Platform Games

We offer a full-cycle game development service based on your initial idea or your specific goals. We assemble the team of various professionals, including game designers, developers, artists and testers custom-tailored to the needs of your project who will develop and implement the project with you.

Art Production

Art Production

Besides full-cycle game development, we offer game art production as a service. Our team of talented artists is covering all stages of art production of outstanding animated 3D characters, vehicles, environments and props including UI and 2D elements.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Our team is passionate about new technologies and about turning high-tech innovation into business. We have the team and skills needed to help power VR projects, whether it is a game, an interactive demo application or a any other creative VR experience.



It is not always necessary to create game, as we can integrate game mechanics into existing project to increase user retention, engagement and monetization of application or system as whole. Use fun and more informal approach to your audience to grow your business.


    Lebara is one of Europe's fastest growing mobile companies with five million active customers` 1,400 employees worldwide and operations in nine countries.

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We are a team of technology enthusiasts and passionate gamers who follow the latest industry trends and strive to make an impact on the future of game development.


Why Us


We are a team of over 30 passionate game development professionals including game designers, client side developers, server side developers, artists and testers. We create products of varied complexity from prototyping to production and release.


Our art team includes 2D artists, 3D modelers, animators and UI/UX specialists. We have experience with production of both mobile-friendly and AAA quality game assets. We are passioned about creating art and know how to make your game shine.

Technology excellence

We specialise in two of the most powerful engines Unity and Unreal Engine, in multiplayer development tools such as Photon Engine and in content creation tools. Recently, we have also expanded our portfolio of expertise to Scala and virtual reality solutions.


Bragin IT Solutions game development studio started out as a separate unit in 2012. Initially it was focused on making geolocation games, and then switched to MMO RPG. In 2014 the studio released our own product Elements: Epic Heroes which shaped team competence in multiplayer games RPG and sport genres. The game received over 3m+ downloads on Android and iOS and remained a Top 2 New game on Google Play during summer 2014, as well as the best game in South Korea.

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