Bragin IT Solutions expertise covers the full software testing lifecycle delivering complete, fully managed outsourced testing services.

You can reduce your downtime costs and effectively cover your project peak loads with the help of a dedicated outsourced software testing team that works from our development centers in Ukraine or Poland and can be easily extended with additional tester resources when needed.
Our CTFL/CTAL accredited professionals, when assigned to your project, will share your goals and keep the knowledge about your product long-term, while you get unbiased results and a smooth effective software testing process.

Our services include:

Test design and documentation

Functional Testing

Non- functional Testing

Test automation

Services in detail

Full-Cycle QA

WWe manage the entire testing process from requirements analysis, testing documentation development and maintenance to testing process execution.

CTFL/CTAL Compliant

Your team is CTFL/CTAL certified, highly proficient in testing practices and technologies – including testing process, tools, databases, operating systems etc., and compliant to industry standards.

Testing Environments

You can either leverage our existing hardware and software environments as a products testing platform or we can set up a software test lab tailored to your needs.

Independent Testing

Independent software testing teams deliver a more accurate and unbiased representation of software quality and verify assumptions people made during specification and implementation of the system.

How it works

Step 1

Our senior tech specialist in quality assurance is involved early in cooperation to understand the requirements of your project and future testing process specifics. We learn about your project constraints to make sure the solution we provide is tailored to your needs.

Step 2

We design a testing proposal with the best knowledge of your software testing strategy, defining scope, approach, requirements, test results reporting and communication procedures. After it has been agreed, our principal specialist will suggest and put together a team based on the skill areas that you require.

Step 3

The team starts its work. It will cover the full testing lifecycle including requirements analysis , tests design and execution of testing, and will be responsible for project management functions related to testing.

Step 4

At peak project periods the team will be extended on a short notice to help quickly and cost-effectively execute test plans and detect program defects.

Why us

Scalable team

On a two-weeks’ notice, we are able to extend your team with additional temporary testers thanks to our close cooperation with Lviv QA Academy that can recommend its students and recent graduates to help us execute test plans and to detect program defects, test software for functionality, ease of use, reliability, consistency, and report defects or design issues found on a project base. The extended team works from our Lviv headquarters in close cooperation with your core team for the duration of the project.

Delivery of complex projects

On outsourcing market since 2002, we are a custom software development company with a proven track record of delivering successful complex development projects across multiple industry verticals, including enterprise document management systems, digital writing and IT network solutions. Software testing has always been an integral part of our client projects. Our business of assembling teams has stimulated that we have grown and developed with our customers and not only uses latest tools and technologies, but also became experts in setting up testing activities that integrate smoothly into the development stream with no interruption or damage to the client’s existing workflows.

Cooperation with Lviv QA Academy

Our ongoing cooperation with Lviv QA Academy enables us to get immediate access to specialists proficient in various kinds of testing, and to involve them in our testing projects, both short-term and long-term. The academy is a local initiative of testing professionals that provides a wide range of courses on software testing targeted at recent IT graduates and experienced specialists who want to master new technologies and tools and to improve their knowledge in other types of testing. Additionally, the academy prepares for CTFL/CTAL and Software Test Automation certifications.

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    Cure Forward is a US-based biotech startup aimed at changing traditional approach to cancer treatment.

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