We deliver complex PHP projects

Using LAMP stack and other open source technologies, we have been working on a number of large-scale outsourcing tasks, developing project management software, REST APIs, flexible SEO systems, writing new CMS system for multi-language newspapers, social networks, server side & front end multimedia application.

We have experience delivering PHP projects to successful European businesses including op5 and Schibsted Media Group.

Database driven websites

Legacy apps enhancement

Custom web applications development

PHP driven platforms



Being an open source scripting language, PHP has access to various libraries and extensions. Moreover, by modifying the source code , additional custom created extensions and components can be created.


Specially designed to work with websites, PHP has some build-in features that enables developers to create website much faster.

Security and Stability

PHP offers several levels of security and helps to prevent from attacks. In addition, PHP is very stable and bugs can be fixed quickly.

Some of the frameworks we worked with

Laravel framework is designed to ease the development process of your application: authentication, routing, sessions and caching. This framework has effective ORM and database layer.

Symfony is a full-stack framework that has a huge amount of configuration overhead together with great code generation. Using this framework, developers are able toplugin about any database manager.

CakePHP framework is intended to make the development process hassle-free. The framework uses unique MVC pattern that helps to separate the logic from the presentation, which is very useful for large websites.

Yii framework is great for building layered structured websites. The framework has embedded authentication functionality and RBAC (Role Based Access Control) authorization helping to simplify the development process.

    Development of Web and Mobile Digital Media Apps

    Schibsted is an international media group operating in 30 countries with the main focus on Norway and Sweden.


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