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Ruby is a dynamic, reflective, object-oriented and intuitive programming language capable of developing about any tool or application. However, it is mostly used for web applications development thanks to a famous web framework Ruby on Rails.

Our development outsourcing experts use Ruby to develop applications and systems – both customer/user-facing and those for internal use – for business, science, engineering and technology where powerful, quick-to-implement computing solutions are needed.

We have experience in web programming using Ruby on Rails and other Ruby frameworks such as Sinatra, as well in DevOps using Chef and Puppet also written in Ruby.

Ruby was designed to streamline the tasks typically involved in programming for the web, that is dynamically generating web pages, accessing databases and retrieving information from the web server and the user’s browser.

Web applications development

Web application testing

Systems scripting and automation

Network protocols prototyping

Enterprise application integration

They succeeded with Ruby

Why Ruby

Fast development

We can deliver your apps with Ruby faster as it offers a powerful set of libraries known as RubyGems, which is now included in the default package. A Ruby program can generate code dynamically and modify it during execution. This can speed up applications and simplify the development process.

Knowledge base

Ruby has pre-written frameworks and libraries like Ruby on Rails and Chef. We can use this pre-written code for your projects and save time for strategic development. Ruby also has its own system to manage frameworks and libraries called RubyGems. Currently, there are over 60,000 libraries to choose from.

Increasing maturity

Ruby is the youngest language and it is constantly evolving. Because of its youth, it can seem pretty chaotic. However, the language is stabilizing and maturing. Ruby has a passionate and helpful community which will push you towards test driven development, writing good clean idiomatic code, contributing back to Ruby or other open source projects and generally helping to deliver a good Ruby project.


Ruby is a flexible language compared to older languages such as Java. The programming language has an easy-to-read syntax. It supports object-oriented, functional, reflective, and imperative paradigms. With Ruby you are able to reopen any class, alter a method and use that method at runtime.

We are familiar with

Rails is a very popular software library that extends the Ruby programming language. Ruby and Rails is a complete framework and offers both backend and front end support including some pre-written code for common tasks to save developers time. We commonly use Ruby on Rails framework on database-driven projects to provide basic infrastructure needed for web application development such as access to database and processing for form submissions.

Jruby is a Ruby language interpreter that offers truly concurrent threads and utilizes the expansive Java ecosystem so you get all the good things that run on the JVM including a fast, JIT-native VM and robust high performance memory management. We use JRuby on projects that require access to Java types and objects or to deploy to a Java web server.

Sinatra is a micro-framework on Ruby designed to write small-scale websites or web applications where you may need to define just a few actions or web services to provide simple, clearly-defined roles.

TorqueBox is a modular Ruby application server for JRuby that supports Rack-based web frameworks and provides Ruby interfaces to standard enterprisey services, including scheduled jobs, caching, and messaging. TorqueBox can be used as a standalone server or applications can be packaged into .war files and deployed onto the WildFly Java application server.

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    Currency Cloud is a B2B platform providing administration and control features to automate the entire payments lifecycle of businesses.


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